When is your bunnies' "year with us" anniversary?

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I had Musti just until recently and today, 8th of june would've been the day that he's spent a year with us. He's still here, below the ground, but yes. Today would've been his one-year-mark living with us. Our new lop's "year with us" day will be on 6th of june next year(if he makes it that far)

I am just curious, when would've been (or will be) your bunnies' "x years with us" mark?

Musti's mark on 08.06

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Väike poiss' mark on 06.06

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I am sorry about your bunny:( Lucy's birthday is January 28th...same as my sons! We got her in March sometime, the later part. So she is almost 1 and it will not be long until we have had her a year.
Lümi came to live with us july 25th(6mo old), Storm on june 6th(5mo old).
Five months for him and six-half months for Storm.
As such Lümi is 11m and Storm is 10m old.

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