Urinary infection?

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Oct 15, 2019
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I've noticed that my female bun has urine on her butt and she smells quite a bit. We went to the vet a few days ago to check on her and he said to just let it dry up. Now I don't think this is somthing that would just go away in time, because everytime I wiped her, after a while it was always wet. Yesterday I tried washing her (only her legs and behind) but it still smelled like urine. I have also just noticed today that her skin is a bit red around her genitals.

I'm pretty sure it's an infection, can someone confirm this? We will go to the vet tomorrow to spay her and we will ask about it, I just wanted to know for sure.
There could be a urinary infection that's causing her to go very often. It could also be a neurological or physical concern, where she's no longer able to control her bladder. Online, it is not possible to confirm a URI; however, I can confirm that you seeing the vet is absolutely the right choice, as there is something concerning going on with your rabbit. This is something that will need to be treated professionally.