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  1. J

    New cat- when will bunny stop marking territory?

    I have a 5/6 year old male neutered rabbit, who has previously be in households with cats and loves them. He has never had an accident outside of his litter box, but recently I brought a new kitten home (also neutered makeand he is pooping and peeing everywhere. He is humping the cat also, but...
  2. X

    How do I stop my spayed bunny peeing on my pillows?

    My 4 month old bunny keeps peeing on my pillows, I'm really confused as she's spayed which I thought would stop marking, She's totally free roam, I don't have a cage for her, and I can't afford one She normally sleeps on my bed at night on one pillow while I sleep on the other, she'll be fine...
  3. X

    Can I get my bunny spayed at 4 months?

    My bunny has just passed the three month mark, lately whenever I'm asleep she jumps onto my bed and pees on my pillow. I've noticed she only will pee on pillows that I use, not her ones, I'm assuming its because her pillows already smell like her and shes marking mine. I've tried removing the...
  4. hxkev

    Urinary infection?

    I've noticed that my female bun has urine on her butt and she smells quite a bit. We went to the vet a few days ago to check on her and he said to just let it dry up. Now I don't think this is somthing that would just go away in time, because everytime I wiped her, after a while it was always...
  5. C

    Excessive water drinking and urination?

    Adopted Arnold recently. He is a 2 yr old lionhead cross neutered bunny. He loves to eat hay. He also seems to drink a lot more water than our spayed female lionhead. I switched him from a dish to a bottle because he is kind of messy. He drinks so much his litter box is always wet. I have to...