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With all animals, there is no such thing as "personal space", just doesn't exist in "THEIR" world. Always remember, "Cats have staff, dogs have masters, and rabbits have slaves". You give up personal space the day you acquire a pet companion, except for fish, maybe!
Dad sent me a pic. I shall caption it as
"I just rearranged my bathroom."
Dad said that he had to fix our lady's rearrangements thrice this week.
Dad sent me a pic. I shall caption it as
"I just rearranged my bathroom."
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Dad said that he had to fix our lady's rearrangements thrice this week.
Hmmmm….I like the look but a little too casual for me! I think she needs to call in a designer for a few suggestions. When Minx was younger she tried a few Reno’s as will but I think we are past that now, thank goodness.🐇🐇🐇💕
Yvonne mom to Minx
Trying to repot some plants, but I mixed bunny berrys from my does into the soil, my boy Pacino and hids girl Dotty were all over it.


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Threar's Wild Week

Last weekend the latch on my bunny barn must have popped open and when I noticed a few hours later, they were all sitting there like nothing was wrong. All except one. After a headcount I noticed that 4 month old Threar was on the wing or hop.

Just across from the barn is a lean-to i keep hay and supples in and he had made himself a little burrow in the hay. I moved a couple of my cameras to keep an eye on him and he was sticking pretty close to home but did not want to be caught. I couldnt leave the gate open for him as others would get out.

As I live in a large forest complete with all the usual predators I wanted to get him back in the fold asap without driving him further into the bush. He started a new daily routine and when i went into town in the morning for coffee he would come out and visit with his buddies through the fence. He'd nap at the same time as the others but in his burrow and come out for yard time late afternoon.

Yesterday (4th night) I got a live trap and put hay watermelon pellets and spinach in for bait but the best i could do was him eating hay through the trap from the outside.

So today I took a page from what they do with moose when they want them on the other side of a fence and made a ramp and a step, loosened the top of the fence so he could go over on his own. I even baited it with a trail of spinach but when i went in the house to add blueberries to the bait he went straight in without stopping for salad.

After a nice reunion with his dad Hazel, he flopped out in the yard ready to tell the story tonight in the warren of his adventure just like Dandelion.20230412_164755~2.jpg
My last girl was the best. I got her as an 11 week old kit and got to spend 5 fantastic yet trying years before she crossed over.

She taught me ALL about bunny and what that means...
From NOT having a heartattack when they zoom all over the place just to stop flat in their tracks and fall over frozen in time, realizing thrift stores are your best place to get replacement furniture when you come home from work to find your couch has been blown into smitherines but then all of a sudden out pops a bunny face full of couch fluff as if to say "you here already? You see nothing!"
Then there's binking into the garbage can or the tub 🤣 along with numerous cell charger cords.. ohh, how I miss her endless dill kisses and hours long cuddles too 🥰

My current two, I'll leave for another day 😉👍
They like making huge messes like this! Today was clean litterboxes day so that's why they're clean and fresh. And I remember when Thumper had the snuffles, I didn't have a clean enough area for him to give Critical Care or medicine so I put him on my bed and he peed on it everytime without fail. I'd do it again if I had to!


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