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One of our n/male house cats liked to pee on our daughter's bed. Our sp/female dog used to destroy anthing she could with her teeth until we figured out why.

Ruined furniture and woodwork and household decorations. That is why there is education available on how to bun-proof and the personality traits of our pets.

Marking, and expressing their natural instincts and/pr personalities as to what our pets and animals want.

One house bun was jealous of his significant other sleeping in the bed with him. Hence, house boy would mark on her pillow, not his.
Bottom pic; He knew he had free roam time in my craft room. "I don't hear her, she's probably busy elsewhere in the house. hmmm, I can jump on the appropriate spots and renovate."


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Post your "joys" of bunny parenting. It can be anything relating to your bunny baby. Such as chewed clothing, furniture, giant mess with their hay. 🥰
Let me start. Here is my husband's jeans after Shen decided to remind us why we shouldn't leave our stuff where they can reach it. 😂

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New fasion
Another joy of bunny parenting, you get to learn how to draw a chibi rabbit. Xiao Wu eating Christmas light wire.

Xiao Wu Christmas Wires.png

Posted this in another thread,'s not the only one from this image I have. However, for some reason, it's not letting me upload it. Nor my newest one. I think it's my internet because even screenshots are not loading.

Edit: HAHA! WORK AROUND! my phone. Here's the larger image of where the Xiao Wu one came from.

My bunny can be very naughty sometimes. I was gone for about an hour, and by the time I came back, there was a big hole that my rabbit had chewed in my carpet! 😂 I’m sure it will be super funny in a little while, but right now I’m trying to figure out what to do with the hole in my carpet! Haha. He has also chewed through a clock cord, a phone cord, and a few other things! Bunnies can be so crazy!
Oh my goodness! My bunny scratched the top layer of my vinyl kitchen flooring. Now her condo sits over that! I was not impressed! She has chewed baseboards. Hmmmm…. Not crazy about that either. Also my flatiron! She does NOT have free roam! She is a kitchen bunny! But I do allow her several times a week to do zomies in the living room. I have a gate between kitchen and living room and she’s through that gate in a flash zooming to her hearts content. Then I clap my hand a few times and say, okay get in the kitchen and she runs in the kitchen! Well, it works for us. She is most precious! She also watches hallmark movies with me in the evening for a couple of hours… well i watch the movie and she’s gets 2 hours of petting! Touch is obviously her love language! I am blessed by this little bun so much!
I try not to complain much anymore about the mischief and chewing instincts of our sanctuary crew.

Someday when they are no longer with me, I will miss them. Our lionhead girl keeps us on our toes, for sure.

I am raising my voice a bit and stompin' my foot and mentioning her name when lionhead diva is trying to chew up carpet edges. I am grateful I do not have to be treating her for a gastric obstruction.

Every night when salads are doled out, along with fresh hay and water bowls, it is a comfort knowing all periscoped for supper and readily ate.

Our hind-limb paresis gal gets her bladder expressed, Assisi Loop therapy sessions 4x weekly, and her kisses during therapy time are priceless!

Some of the sanctuary crew are experts at dismantling a Busy Bunny willow chew basket!

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