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You could've proudly announced that you've never changed your profile pic while most others of us have many a time? I ban you!
I ban you for not having "THE PERFECT PROFILE PIC!!!!!!" That was our little girl Nikki--Bunnicula II, and she's been gone for 8 years now. She was a world class sleeper and it just blew my mind that she would sleep on her back, all 4 legs in the air and her mouth slightly open--definitely very comfortable in her environment. We now have a NickyIII, a blue eyed white male and our !st was a little white with brown eyes.
How dare you say that i don't have a perfect profile pic?! You shall be banned for it!
My perfect profile pic is always exactly the last successful bonded pair that is alive; because i'm too emotionally attached to change to a single-bun-pic after one of the pair has gone. I didn't change it when Lümi went until Iris came, didn't change it after Storm left and won't be until Iris will have a new bondmate. Which might be far as four years into the future, but i'm standing my ground.

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