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    • Devi
      Devi reacted to JBun's post in the thread Bond help with Like Like.
      Hopefully they just need a break from each other for a few weeks, and this will help reset the situation. Best of luck! These buns of...
    • Devi
      Devi replied to the thread Bond help.
      Yes, the very first thing I did after breaking them up was to check them over from tail to nose for injuries. And Thankfully the worst...
    • Devi
      Devi posted the thread Bond help in Nutrition & Behavior.
      My two male rabbits (both are fixed) were bonded but it seems to have broken last Sunday ending in a fight between the pair with lots of...
    • Devi
      Devi replied to the thread British Columbia Rabbit Savvy Vets.
      To Update the list : Dr. Bruce Renooy Van Isle Vet Hospital 211-130 Centennial Drive Courtney, BC Phone: 334-8400 They NO longer...
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