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Apr 3, 2021
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This morning I was woken up to objects falling all over the living room.
Pomelo (unspayed female) and Bergamot(neutered male) han both gotten out our their caged. Which is simple for Bergy and we’re used to it but usually impossible for PomPom to do so :(.
There was fur EVERYWHERE. They’re both dark in color so it was hard to see who’s fur it was/who was hurt but we thought it was mostly Bergy because he has a shallow chunk bitten out of his ear😞
We took PomPom into the other room where she’s been very lethargic. She was very jumpy and tense so we left her to hide under the couch and only come out to eat. When I went to pet her head PomPom flinched violently and that’s when I noticed a pretty big bite mark right next to her eye!!! And I noticed matted fur on the back leg 😞😞😞 I’m so sad. She’s so sad.
Should I take her to the vet??
i scheduled an appointment for her to get spayed this coming Monday but could this injury be fatal? I’ll attach photos:(. I’m so worried for her. It’s not bleeding anymore but I don’t know if I can/should wait until Monday.


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In actuality, the injuries don't look that bad.. there could definitely have been much worse damage in a rabbit fight, and this is not to dismiss that your rabbit is likely very much in pain.

I would recommend a vet visit earlier than Monday, especially if flinching is still occurring. There may be internal injuries or other things going on that you cannot see due to it being inside or because of fur. For example, the matted fur on the back leg may be from her bugging it because internally something has happened to that leg-- a professional assessment is needed, in my opinion. If your rabbit is in pain (which she likely is), it is also important to get pain management so your rabbit isn't suffering. Pain can lead to a rabbit not eating, which doesn't help with the wounds healing nor just the general idea that rabbits need to constantly eat hay to maintain their GI function.

I would recommend also taking the other rabbit (separated obviously) to assess if he has any injuries. He may not have obvious ones, but if you're able to check him thoroughly over and there's no flinching or signs of concern, then it may be OK, but if he is also showing signs indicative of pain, it would be worthwhile to go to the vet.

I don't know if you plan on bonding these two rabbits after her spay, but after such a big fight, I would definitely say do not attempt anything for a while (beyond waiting for the spay recovery). This is a bad interaction and they need to essentially "forget" it if you want the best chance at a bond in the future.
It depends on how deep the wounds are, if your rabbit is in pain, and if the wounds get infected. You also need to make sure to check both rabbits over very thoroughly, including the belly area, so you don't miss any hidden wounds.

If the wounds aren't deep enough to need stitches and there are no internal injuries, if the wounds don't get infected, and if your rabbit isn't experiencing significant enough pain to cause a lack of or reduced appetite and lethargy, then you may be able to wait for the vet appointment Monday. But if any wounds are deep, they become infected, your rabbit is unusually lethargic and not wanting to move around, or if your rabbit isn't eating very much or stops eating altogether, you need to get your rabbit to the vet right away. If in doubt, phone your vet to ask what would be the best thing to do.

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