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  1. A

    I need others opinion -- hurt paw

    So back story I have a 2 year old male Unneutered rabbit he is free roamed but I use a exercise pen at night when my dog sleeps in my room as my bunny bothers him all night. My rabbit jumped the pen and hurt his front paw I’m assuming it’s just sprained because he lets me touch it and it’s not...
  2. sabrina92

    Help! Unwell and possibly injured rabbit

    Hello Everyone, Recently my rabbit has stopped eating a lot and so I took her into the vet. She’s pooped a little and eaten some greens and hay. But I just noticed her leg looks a little odd, has anyone seen this or dealt with it before. She Doesn’t seem to be in pain or anything but obviously...
  3. Pompomelo

    Rabbits attacked each other :(

    This morning I was woken up to objects falling all over the living room. Pomelo (unspayed female) and Bergamot(neutered male) han both gotten out our their caged. Which is simple for Bergy and we’re used to it but usually impossible for PomPom to do so :(. There was fur EVERYWHERE. They’re...
  4. H

    My rabbit hurt her leg

    My rabbit is 9 months old and she caught her leg on her cage. She got herself free before I could do anything. She hopped behind her cage (for privacy I think) and just stayed there for a while. She would move to the other side of the cage too. After an hour she began to move around and eat and...
  5. H

    Cut on nose

    Was putting the bunny back in her hutch today from the garden and she leapt out of my arms. She seemed fine and carried on playing but when I put her back in the hutch I noticed she was bleeding a tiny bit around the nose. I stroked her and she didn’t seem shocked or bothered and then came back...
  6. stellarmanone

    Bunny has a large sore on foot

    I don’t want any hate post. I already feel bad enough that I let my rabbit’s foot get this bad and that I may have to put her down because of something I neglected. I just want help and instructions on what this is and if it’s even possible to treat. The reason she looks wet is because I soaked...
  7. blwinteler

    I made my bunny scream

    He had a severely matted spot and I was trying to get it off of him. I tugged at it gently because I was afraid I'd cut him if I used scissors (it's happened before). Apparently I wasn't gentle enough. He started screaming. It was the worst sound I've ever heard because I knew I made my bunny...
  8. RumpledFae

    Behavioral problem with bonded pair: nail biting!!

    Hi rabbit lovers! My name is Laura and I just joined this site. I have two bunnies: a 2.5 years old female lion head mix who has been with me for little over two years, and an approximately 3.5 years old male Dutch bunny who I adopted two almost three months ago. The two of them have bonded...
  9. Floyd2019


    Hi Floyd just learned how to brave the stairs literally YESTERDAY and this morning when i let him out he immediately whizzed up them all excited. I was like awe that's so cute and followed him up. I have 2 fights of stairs so he went back down 1 flight and was checking out my shoe rack. I...