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  1. R

    Poor Roo’s eye is BAD

    Help. The emergency vet doesn’t see Rabbits. We have been waiting to get into exotic animal vet for over a week and her eye has progressively gotten worse. It was first swollen shut but after warm tea treatments and some coconut oil daily it seemed to be getting better. Then we went out of town...
  2. E

    Red blood vessels?

    Hello! I hope everybody is doing well today. I thought I would come on here to ask a question. I noticed that my rabbit’s eyes seemed a little bit more red than they usually are. Does this look like a normal to you guys? It wasn’t this red in the past, which is why I am a little worried. I...
  3. albi

    closing one eye

    a month ago i rescued a 6 month old rabbit, I know nothing about the previous owner, we found him in the bush and wasn't microchipped so decided to take him in. (he's albino and I think he is a mini rex, he's my first rabbit and i am still learning!) 2 weeks ago he started to close his left eye...
  4. Pompomelo

    Rabbits attacked each other :(

    This morning I was woken up to objects falling all over the living room. Pomelo (unspayed female) and Bergamot(neutered male) han both gotten out our their caged. Which is simple for Bergy and we’re used to it but usually impossible for PomPom to do so :(. There was fur EVERYWHERE. They’re...
  5. BriannaBunny22

    Separating buns for medical reasons?

    Hello, My sweet holland lop Bailey has never ending eye problems. We finally got her indolent eye ulcer healed after months of appointments. Yesterday, I noticed her eye was red and inflamed (I’ll attach the picture). Her brother, Java, will not stop licking it! I know he’s just trying to help...
  6. elentari

    Thing in Eye

    So I noticed this thing in Mabs eye late last night and I couldn't tell if was a hair or maybe the start of a cataract; but does this look familiar to anybody? I put an eyedrop in her eye but so far I can't tell if anything has happened because whatever is in her eye seems to move.. Hopefully...
  7. T

    Small spot in rabbits eye

    Hi, today i noticed a small spot in my rabbits eye. It stays in place and doesn’t move when the eye is closing. Could it be E. cuniculi? Other than that my rabbit is fine and happy. Her apetite is huge and she has lots of energy. I will be taking her to the vet tomorrow but there are no vets...
  8. T

    Is he okay? Just been to the vets..

    So I took my bunny to the vets today (with rabbit savvy vet who has her own bunnies so was very thorough and did good checks). He also got his very first vaccination today. She did heaps of checks including his nails, teeth, bum, eyes etc. One of the many questions she asked me was if he had a...
  9. A

    Eye infection

    It’s been four days since Blondie has been put on antibiotic eye drop for her eye infection by her vet. I don’t see much of an improvement except that her eyelid isn’t swollen and her discharge has stopped. This is what her eye looks like and I don’t know what else to do. I had just put in the...
  10. A

    Does my bunny have cataracts? Please help! Urgent

    Two years ago my bunny had an eye infection, vet recommended some antibiotics that treated the infection. Just today, this happened to the same eye. Refer to the picture. There’s a lot of pus like discharge, swollen eye lids and a film of creamy textured thing on her eye. I’m taking her to the...
  11. S

    Help! Rabbit's one eye is swollen!

    Today evening my 1 yr old rabbit whos going through some diarrhea since 3 days was doing normal until he panicked and ran very frantically upon seeing my sister who was coming to put him back in a cage. He usually becomes very cautious whenever he senses that we're gonna put him in a cage and...