R.I.P. My Bunny "Stew"

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Jul 1, 2007
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Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Stewart II, our little Dwarf/mini Lop mix passed away about an hour ago. He was one of the cutest little bunnies that you'd ever see. He was a gorgeous Black Otter with the Dwarf face but normal length ears. A friend of ours five years ago had an accidental breeding. She had one bunny out and the other made an escape. When I went over and sexed them, I told here to be ready for a larger family. We took Stewart because he had dental issues and no one wanted to take that on. He only weighed 3 1/2 pounds, but always seemed bigger than that. He loved playing with his toys, running and binkying, and would also let you know that the hutch was HIS. We're gonna miss you my little man, goodbye. I'll add some pictures in a couple of days as I'm having a hard time just typing this in.:rip:
I'm so sorry :(

Binky free little one.

***see you on the other side***
Sorry to hear of your loss,
Binky free Stew :angelandbunny:
I'm so very sorry for your loss
Its mommy's turn to say something. Stew was a little crabin' puff but he was our crabin' puff. Such a remarkable face. He was such a little dynamo when he would run around the room, you forgot he was such a little tempermental bunny. It was a lesson lerned for me that bunnies do things on their own terms sometimes. I used to feel bad that he would have to go in and get his teeth cut because they did not grow right for him to eat.
I will miss you little guy. Too soon we are having big rocks as grave site markers in our yard.

Binky on little guy. Rest now. Your brothers and sisters who have gone before you will meet you at the bridge.:magicwand:
I'm so sorry. He sounds a lot like our girl Frida. I have to say, the opinionated ones are often the best. I'm so sorry Stew isn't with you anymore, but you gave him such a great life, which is something to be proud of. Binky free!
Here are two pictures of Stewart II. Didn't have all that many of him as he wasn't a very social rabbit. We used to call him "Grumpenstew", as he was very territorial about his hutch. He had really long, beautiful hair, so it seemed that he was larger till you picked him up and realized that he was really very big or heavy. He was a fairly happy rabbit--he liked to run, jump and play with toys. We miss you little buddy.
Well my little man, it's been a month since you passed to the bridge. It still doesn't seem possible, but, at least we had a good five years together. Just wish we didn't have to take you in for teeth trimming so often, but in a perfect world I'd still have all my bunnies. At least you went quietly, at home. Rest in peace my little man.
Thanks everyone. It's never easy saying goodbye, especially when they aren't really that old. Johnny Cash wrote a song that sums up my feelings, "I don't like but I guess things happen that way".
well Stewart, it's been two months--doesn't hardly seem possible my little man. Rest in peace and no more monthly teeth trims for you now. Sure do miss your stubborn little antics my "grumpen Stew". Binky free.
I know what you mean..time seems to go byyet it never seems that the loss of a beloved pet has really been that long...you know what i mean?....my Jack has been gone for a month.. yet to me it feels like i lost him yesterday.

Stew sure was a handsome little guy.
I am sorry you loss Stewart in April. I always tried to avoid the Rainbow Bridge Announcements as it makes me so sad. But now I have to come here as I lost my Pebbles 3 weeks ago. It is still hard to talk about Pebbles.

Binky Free Stewart. :pink iris:

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