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Ignore the messy cage in the first picture lol.


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I have a lot since Odyssey spends most of her time flopping lol
This was her first flop we saw on the day we got herfirstflop.jpeg
This is recentishIMG_5651.jpg
This is from JanuaryIMG-6155.JPG
This is from December57296B66-4E73-4B09-BD42-C8D8AE424FD2.JPG
This is from September last year when she put a pillow over her head while flopping lol62014832312--5864B43C-4D54-41D4-8013-046B8439D2DC.JPG
and this is from august last yearIMG_4032.JPG
All slackers and pretenders--check my avatar pic of Nikki, queen of the flop--sound asleep, on her back, all 4 legs in the air and her mouth open with tongue hanging out--she'd also sleep like that in a piece of PVC pipe and her hay rack--by far our "strangest" rabbit.

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