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Really? My bunny always does that 🤣

After he flops he grooms his paws a bunch
Yeah, when mine flops he’s out of it, he looks dead most the time especially since he’s a deep sleeper. First time I saw him do it I said his name to make sure he was ok, and when he didn’t sit up I flew out of bed almost face planting into the ground just for him to sit up to see what all the racket was.😆
Just last night little Asher gave a big flop after a big day of getting into everything!
And Ava’s first flop after we adopted her from the shelter- oh gosh I was horrified she looked dead. Scared her half to death when I accidentally spooked her awake making sure she was breathing!74E3ACB8-5D6D-48E7-BB5B-E757FCE1FF1C.jpeg05ACA66B-8557-431B-B553-44D95359A854.jpeg
My baby girl flops while shes pregnant and super tired.Sleeps/lays like that quite often as the THE day draws near.


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Bonus pothead Petes picture


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