Our Theodore (Ted) passed this morning

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What a gorgeous bun he was, sounds like he was a wonderful addition to your family.
Seven years even though it doesn't seem possible that you've been gone that long. Still talk about you all the time, especially being a world class sleeper although Dogbert will always be the champ--15 seconds or less from bed to snoring. Still remember having to open all the drawers and doors to find you---to darn nosy and sneaky or how much fun you'd have with a new box or bag. Rest well my sweet boy.
Sorry for your loss
He was such a cute bunny and sounded like a great lil man!!!
Thank god that he was found and was able to move in with you.
Binky free lil bun
I too am sorry for your loss. No one understands, but bunny people how special these little critters are. I just gave my little bunny, Bob an extra hug today for your Teddy.
Love and Prayers!
hello again my big, goofy boy. You were such an amazing rabbit--it's so hard to believe you have been gone for such a long time. A decade now, but my memories of all your tricks is still so fresh, especially how you'd play fetch. Rest in Peace and Binky Free my sweet one.
Another year since you left us for the bridge my sweet old man. You were probably our smartest bunny ever and you sure could climb--wire was not a barricade for you--still miss you a lot--bye til next year if I'm still here.
Doesn't seem like it could be 14 years already since we had to say goodbye. You were such a unique rabbit and a world class sleeper. Wish we new how old you really were--we knew you were an elder bun when you came to us just like Charlene--I find it so hard to think you and her were just left in a box by someone and discarded like you both were nothing--to us, you were so unique and loving. Miss you still, til next year.

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