Our Theodore (Ted) passed this morning

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I am sorry for your lost he must have been a really good rabbit, I am proud that u saved him from the humane society. that is a good thing at you also gave him a second chance at life. It sounds like you had a great little rabbit.:rip:javascript:emoticon(':rip:',%20'images/emoticons/rip.gif')

Email me if u want someone to talk to
My husband normally writes for the site, but I decided it was time to write. I used to take Ted to school and he was so the favorite of the kids. One day the Fire Alarm went off, and the Fire Marshall was scared to death he had killed my rabbit by all the loud noise, the kids told the fire crew, oh don't worry "he's not dead he's Ted" he sleeps through everything. The only thing he never slept through was treats. haha. I miss my little old man. Love ya always. Mommy
Hi my big boy. It's hard to believe you've been gone for more than seven months. We were talking about you last nite--that you were one of our three climbers and the only bunny I've ever had that liked to play fetch. You were certainly unique and we miss you so much. I hope you're still getting your rest.
Today is another of those anniversaries we all hate, almost as much as the spamming idiot that posted above. Our big boy left us three years ago today. He used to sleep so much that I always checked for breathing. He loved his treats, cardboard boxes and paper bags and would even play fetch with a wicker ball. We miss you big boy. Rest in peace and binky free.
4 years where does the time go? Ted was such a funny boy. He'd open cabinets and drawers and in he'd go, so finding him was always such an adventure. When I went into the room he'd wake up and look at me but if I didn't have veggies or treats it was right back to sleep. Miss you my big boy, rest easy.

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