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Jan 20, 2022
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Hello! I just got a two-year-old single rabbit from a previous owner and she is my first indoor rabbit. My issue is I’ve had her for five months now and she has had no problem staying in the dining room where we keep her living area. she is free roam in the day and at night she stays in that room that has plenty of space and toys and music for her to listen to but in the past few days she’s created the habit of insisting on staying underneath my bed while I sleep because I allow her to roam around my bedroom and around 11 o’clock pm I will call her down to her own room and leave her some toys or a pellet ball to keep her busy throughout the night. I allowed her to stay in my room the night prior because she will not budge but she woke me up a couple of times throughout the night. Tonight I had to bribe her to leave my room by shaking the treat bag to get her to stay in her own space. But my question is should I allow her to stay under my bed while I sleep at night? The house is basically bunny proof but she is quite mischievous with couches and pillows so she stresses me out with that. I also need my sleep as she has woken me up and I’ve never had pets stay in my room in the night. I feel so badly leaving her alone especially since she’s a single Rabbit what should I do? I know I can’t let her stay in my room one night and not the next she expects routine and I’m not sure what to do.
If it were me, I'd do what works so that I can get a decent sleep.

I would always confine my rabbits during the night whether I had a bonded pair or a single rabbit. I would coax them into their nighttime space by feeding them their daily pellets at that time. I established this as a routine and it worked just fine. They got used to the sound of me opening the pellet jar and scooping - they knew what came next!

It sounds like you have a good space for her during the night in the dining room. She should be just fine there.
Well, don't let your pets train you :D. You make the rules, caving in and sacrificing your good sleep is imo not a good idea. Although I keep the door open mine are not allowed in my bedroom anymore, for different reasons.

If she likes sleeping under your bed you could make something with a similiar floor and ceiling height, like a couch table with a rug, in her area.

Then there's the option of getting another bunny, neutered male would be best.