Need enclosure enrichment ideas.

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Jun 27, 2013
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campbell river, BC
I just redid my bunnies pen. they have 24 sq feet (48 sq feet fully open) each now and I need Ideas for toys and enrichment items for them to play with. This is my largest pen set up yet for my bunnies. The person in the one pic is my 6 ft tall husband to show the size comparison.


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Paper bags, paper towel rolls (stuff with hay if desired).

More cardboard... tunnels, boxes with multiple doorways.. think of creating spaces to explore. Then they can be rearranged once the buns seem bored of it.


If your rabbits won't ingest a towel, then a towel can create hidey spots (or just use fleece fabric). You can see an example in the collage above. The video below is just for fun and shows a bun having fun with a towel.

Thank you for the ideas. They won't ingest fabrics and I had fleece pen liners before with them. But the one will ingest plastic for some reason.
Cheap and easy... every bunny I've had found great joy in shredding old phone books!
Apple tree branches and other safe types of wood that haven't been sprayed are great.

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