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....I prefer an 8 or a 10 penny....or maybe an ardox twist.'s about a woodscrew...or is that not a nail? Hehe...
maherwoman wrote:'s about a woodscrew...or is that not a nail? Hehe...

Only if you use a hammer to drive it.

LOL...well, I guess you COULD use a hammer to drive it in...hehe!!
my nails stay about the length of rosies, and i love to paint them, but never really get to as i work in food service, so painted nails aren't allowed!

when i am not working, and i do paint them, i tend to go for "i'm not really a waitress" red (i will let your imagination create that bold beauty!)

they tend to look just like rosies, in fact. i have naturally great nails. they have a nice shape, and grow that even white tip that everyone pay's money for.

my toenails are normally black, red, or hot pink. . . i keep them painted all the time, i think i do that only because i can't always have my nails painted!
Thank you to everyone i went out today and got my nails done

TK thats sunbunny when she was very small lol she is getting to be a teenager now!!

theres piccies of her on my blog:D

Ice queen lets see them then:biggrin2:

I think I have similar nail tastes to Polly.

I like mine slightly squared and as long as possible. They were over inch long at one point, but since then then just never seem to grow. Think I need to make a trip to Scotland so Polly can sort them out for me! :)

They're always painted, I don't think they've been bare for more than a day or two for about 4 years. They're usually bright red, but I'll also wear purple, black, turquoise and silver. I love French manicures, but my nails don't grow long enough for them anymore Why nails hurt. I also used to do black with red or white tips.

I wish they would grow so I could do it again. :(
I have a wedding to go to and all the 'girls' have decided that we should have a morning pampering the day before and all get matching varnish. The problem is I have my piano lesson that evening and don't really know what the general feeling of varnish is amongst teachers (and yes it will be pillar box red /sigh) If you wouldn't mind enlightening me I really would appreciate it........ oh and I have emailed my teacher - awaiting a reply. Thanks

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