My rabbits’ escape (story)

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Mar 1, 2021
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Beewee and creela’s house, San Jose, California :)
It started like this. Every year, my grandparents would come to visit. One time, when they arrived, we were so joyful that we forgot to close the door. Unfortunately, our rabbits were roaming free in our house at that time. So while my family and my grandparents chatted, Beewee and creela ran for it. About 20 minutes later, we FINALLY realized that Beewee and creela are missing. Our heart literally stopped when we realized. We put on our shoes as fast as possible and rushed outside. Luckily, we live in a neighborhood where there are not a lot of cars. We decided to look for them a few houses down to the right. We searched and searched hoping to find them. We searched for about 10 minutes before we actually started panicking. Did they run farther down to the street? Did they actually go left? There was so much possibilities. We were about to go inside and make missing posters when suddenly, I heard a noise coming from the neighbors bush. Sure enough, it was Beewee and creela. We were so happy when we saw them. They were deep in the bush so we had to get them out. After they moved out of the bush, we had to chase them for 3 minutes until we snatched up creela. We brought creela back in the house and now it was time to catch Beewee. After we caught Beewee, we sighed in relief and went back in the house.

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