missing bunny

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  1. FuzzyWabbit

    My rabbits’ escape (story)

    It started like this. Every year, my grandparents would come to visit. One time, when they arrived, we were so joyful that we forgot to close the door. Unfortunately, our rabbits were roaming free in our house at that time. So while my family and my grandparents chatted, Beewee and creela ran...
  2. Bunny_Mommy

    I woke up this morning to find my 8 week old tiny bunny missing in my apartment

    Hello, I live by myself in an 800 sq apartment and I recently bought two 8 week old bunnies. I just built a hutch and keep them in my living room. There is a large one and a smaller one, and the tiny one is missing. Somehow, they opened the wire door of their hutch and got out. They are usually...