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  1. AllieBUNderland

    Behavior changed

    Hi guys. Here with yet another post about Alice. This time it's not bad, just unusual. So about a month ago, my other rabbit Domino passed in her sleep. She was in a cage in the spare room due to an injury, and Alice was in another cage in the room. This was to prevent biting through the bars...
  2. beenybunnybinny

    My rabbit is having severe behavioral problems. Any advice?

    My rabbit, Raisin has been destroying our house as of late. Before, she wasn’t as destructive but it’s been so bad to the point where the walls are being chewed (the paint being chipped off as well) and she’s been destroying/breaking expensive things. I don’t agree with putting a rabbit in a...
  3. Nala-Bun21

    Post spay - bunny won’t come for hugs anymore ☹️ And digging excessively!!

    Hello, my little Nala was so affectionate and loved cuddles before her spay 2 weeks ago. She used to spend ages in my arms on the sofa but since her spay she seems scared of me in that respect! Her litter box use has massively improved and she isn’t marking on the sofa or spraying my feet! 🙏🏼...
  4. EmilyJayneHarlow

    Scratching litter tray

    For the past week or so my male rabbits has been constantly scratching in the littler box, and it emptying it out onto my floor they have loads of toys and boxes to chew and scratch Everytime he does it I try scatter treats on the floor or remove him from the tray but he just keeps going back...
  5. MabelandDaisy

    Could she be pregnant ?? Very confused

    Hi new here ! I have recently rescued a Lop & a Dutch. Mabel (Lop) and Daisy (Dutch) are both meant to be females as I was told by the rescue centre but it seems Daisy could be a Dave. I’ve had them in my care for 12 days now and they have been a treat they seemed to be very close until day 10...
  6. L

    Need some nutrition advice for a old bunny

    Hello people :) I have a bunny that is 12 years old and he recently became realy weak and dropped weight (he's weight now is 1.1kg), and he won't eat food so much (very little amount). I went with him to veterinary, and he got some antibiotics, but it doesen't help. He's just too old and this...
  7. claire24x7

    Bunny has been peeing outside litter box, possible UTI? Help!

    Hi everyone! This is my first post here. My bunny Tiny is a year old and hasn’t been spayed yet. He’s usually pretty good about peeing in the litter box but I’ve noticed lately that he’s also been peeing outside the litter box, usually in a small amount. His behaviour is completely normal and...
  8. Abolbe

    Need advice!!

    Hi, I’ve had my little bun Poppy for roughly 3 months now I only locked her in her cage the first week I got her at nighttime but she has free roamed since, I don’t like the idea of locking her up now after so long I am a first time bunny owner so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve blocked off...
  9. dianedriver

    Change of character

    We have a 2+year old male rabbit, Bernie, who was neutered a month ago. Before the operation he was, to us, just a typical, now we realize, slightly mellow fellow, no behavior to worry about. We rabbit-proofed his free roaming area (We have an upstairs, no rabbits allowed). We all seemed...