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Yay you are back! I was very happy to find a message from you in our blog. :biggrin2:I did want to let you know that it was in the old blog but I copied and replied in the new one so it wouldn't get lost. I like to reread things once in a while :biggrin2:And ah yes, I see you have been busy. I think we need a full load of pictures of everyone when you have a chance :winkHehehe. Be well!!! :rose:
i have pics !! but not the ones ur expecting!..i wanted u guys to see whats been keeping me so busy and away from RO ..this is what i do ..when i do ..what i do...(for a living).hehe

i did all the black stripes on this new red mustang..

i did the red stripes on this black 2011 Camaro

and another new Stang i did the white stripes on:)


me installing the bird on a Bandit

i did the stripes and the bird..not a great pic tho.

finished truck is in the background to the right and another Firebird i still hafta do...i told u i was busy the cars are lining up down my street:):)..i luv being busy..luv it.


Those cars are awesome :biggrin2:Hahahaha, I love how the cars are lined down the street. I must say though, your truck is my fav. I love trucks. I would have a monster truck!:p How long would it take you to do those stripes like you didon the Camaro for example? That surely must be meticulous work and it must take some time. No wonder you are so busy! That and bunnies keeping you on your toes :wink



Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

Virc ur the best! i hope u have a wonderful V-Day my bestess friend!

Sof u have good taste ! i like my truck too!:)..
the camaro was the easiest ,took me prob about 3 hrs...the mustangs take me a full day sometimes 2 days depending on weather(temperature) or if i just have 10 thumbs that day...:)
the bandit firebird takes me 5-6 hrs ..
these guesstimates on time are if im working non stop i can do them in that amount of time..but since i work from my own garage its easy to get distracted with a bunny or two...:)so i norm have a customers vehicle for 2 days ..start to finish and i detail the exterior for them so when they pick it up its goes BLING!
Ms. perty was spayed yesterday..the last bun finally taken care of ..yay!...these spays and neuters really are stressful to not only the bun, but me....i always think of the day i lost Redrum...after i drop a bun off to get fixed ..i cant help but get all teary eyed on the way home..thinkin about how horrible it was getting that phonecall "IM sorry i Lost Redrum"..
anyways Ms. perty is still groggy and she hasnt ate a damm thing yet..except a piece of banana and a raisin..i know it takes time but this time is KILLING ME!..

Thank u Chocolate bunny:)..
AZrabbit ur gonna Luvs him when u see him..hes my gorgeous boy.:)
Thanks seems like all the older females that i get spayed take it a little harder then the younger ones..Ms Perty is my Giant and shes the sweetest thing ever...i havent been able to really bond with her cuz she sprays pee EVERYWHERE when ur in her play area.everytime i step over that fence to give her love she gets so excited by the company that she pees and then binkies thru the pee which makes it projectile all over the place..and when a giant pees its ALOT!..poor thing and when i high tailed it out of there she loooks up like "where ya goin maaaa?" breaks my heart but ive had to shower and change clothes 3-4 times a day with that shes spayed shes not gonna do this and shes gonna get ALL KINDS OF LUVINS...i just hope she pulls thru this ok.

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