My Bunny pees everywhere and I need advice

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Jul 11, 2018
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Ontario, Canada
Okay - Hello!

My daughter recently got a bunny - we think he is a boy - and he is peeing outside of his litter box and also pees while he’s jumping around. He is NOT neutered yet - he is about 4 or 5 months old now. The plan is to neuter as I have read it is helpful in stopping the peeing everywhere making it easier to litter train him. But I also have read about scolding him when he pees out of the litter box. SHOULD we scold him for that now? Or not until after he is neutered? Or not at all? I’ve seen mixed messages so decided to join this forum for advice. He’s so sweet! Loves to be pet and doesn’t bite at all - but this peeing! Oh my! It’s frustrating to get your pjs covered at 11pm and have to take a shower. Lol. It’s funny, but it IS kind of annoying too. He also hates being picked up - which he displays by - you guessed it - Peeing when you try to pick him up! Please advise me on how to handle our problem? I don’t want to do the wrong thing with him.

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Mar 19, 2012
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Don't scold him. He's hormonal and cannot help himself!

It isn't uncommon for a male rabbit to "spray" urine. It is a way of marking territory and also a way to "claim" a person (as in mate). Definitely time to get him neutered!

The sooner he can get neutered, the better. You don't want any of that behavior to become ingrained.

Once fixed, it can take as long as 6-8 weeks after surgery for hormones to fully dissipate. I wouldn't stress too much for those first few weeks after neuter.

As for litter training afterwards, there should never be a need to scold a rabbit. They don't respond to that since, unlike dogs, they are not inclined to try to "please" us. Rabbits naturally litter train. The only thing needed is the right litter set-up. They pretty much do the rest themselves. You can check here if you'd like to learn more. (Your "when to begin" would be several weeks after that surgery)

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