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Apr 25, 2022
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Hey everyone,

Finally got my rabbit. Meet Rune, he's an 8 week old 3/4 Flemish Giant, 1/4 Satin mix. He's doing really well so far; I expected him to be very skittish when I got him, but he's been very chill about everything. Seems healthy too, but I'm working on getting his first vet appointment scheduled. :)

Considering his age, I assume I have about a month until he turns into a holy terror, haha.



Loving him so far, here's to hoping things go well!
Nope, normal fur — he has Satin in his ancestry but it’s a recessive gene I believe. Hopefully the Satin in him will make him a little smaller. :D I want a big rabbit but 20 lbs could but getting carried away!
Aw! I just love it when I have a very affectionate bunny. They love to "groom" their owners!
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Rune went to the vet today, and it turns out, Rune may actually be a she! The vet said she was 75% sure, but we'd know for certain once she's old enough for the spay/neuter surgery.
We went to the animal shelter years ago as they had an ad for a "mixed male mini". I picked her up, checked her and showed them how to tell a male from a female--they were mixed up, not her. She was a mix of Dwarf/Mini--you can't see here face in the avatar pick, but she had the Netherland face and shorter ears. Rune is gorgeous.
Such a pretty rabbit!
There is always a chance you get the gender wrong, lol!
He\she is so cute. 🥰

Rune is a very licky bunny!

Welcome to the forum!
Aww! What a kissy-go-lucky bunny! You better cherish them like none else, landing on such a sweet one is a lottery win in my books. Reminds me of my boy Lümi - I'd sometimes have to run away from him because he liked to kiss me too much.

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