Just got engaged!

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Jan 21, 2010
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Alabama, USA
Looks like Steve's bunnies will officially be part of the family now, eh? ;)

Congrats! You have to give us more info than that you will have step bunnies haha

I woke up about half an hour ago from a dream that my boyfriend proposed lol
congrats thats wonderful news :):bunnydance::party:
Thanks everyone :)

For those wanting more detail. Uhhmm... it was actually kindof funny. I had Brindam out to play and Steve was being pushy about going for a walk, but I made him wait till Brinny's time out was over (haha). We took a nice walk in the park despite him having very inappropriate footwear for the snow. We stopped by the creek and were reminiscing about playing with Penny (his dog) in the creek last summer. And when we were about to leave - I'd already turned around and headed for the car - pulled the whole "Wait, one thing before we go." I turned around, he was on his knee with the ring, and asked if I'd marry him. Apparently I said "Hell yeah" (lol).

So.... yeah. That's about it! We don't have a date or anything set because we want to both be well enough employed that we can get a place together with all of our critters. Right now he has his own business and I have a few part time jobs, but we really need CAREERS to get a place together. I don't mind a long engagement though, it's not like I plan on going anywhere!
Aww, That's a cute story :)

Congratulations :hug:I hope you have many happy years together :rose:

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