Is my rabbit eating enough food?

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May 26, 2020
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Ontario, Canada
Hi everyone,

Our little guy is now going on 2 years (March). He has been the best thing ever to me specifically especially working from home during this crazy world we live in.

I was just curious if our bunny is getting enough food. I know animals typically always feel like they've never seen food before so he runs every time I take it out for him. I was providing him with 2 cups of the pebbles (kaykee), hay, lettuce and bananas. This is daily and I thought maybe I was giving him too many pebbles so I reduced it to once per day. He has lettuce almost 3 times a day (it's pre-washed) and when we took him to a vet they said continue what we're doing because he's well hydrated since the lettuce gives him water although he has separate water which he drinks as well. I noticed he does not care for hay though or maybe he does and he eats it whenever he wants. He loves his lettuce that's for sure.

I am just worried should I go back to giving him his pebbles 2 times a day (afternoon and evening)? At night when we're hanging out he's bouncing around, he also lays across my carpet when he's content and relaxed so I feel he's fine but thought I'd ask.

The hay is a wonder for me. He does eat it but barely. I remember reading on a package that the diet should consist of 70% hay.

Thank you for looking.

Blue eyes

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Mar 19, 2012
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Arizona, USA
Could you specify which Kaytee rabbit pellets he is getting? Also his approximate weight or breed type?

It sounds like he is eating an enormous amount of pellets. An average size rabbit (5-7 lbs) can do well on just 1/4 cup (or less) of pellets per day. They always love their pellets because they are so rich (too rich for overfeeding). When a rabbit eats too many pellets, they won't eat the amount of hay they should be eating.

You are correct that the bulk of their diet (80% + actually) should be hay. The way to get them to eat that much hay is to (1) not overfeed pellets, (2) refresh the hay a couple times per day.

Splitting his pellet amount over 2 feedings per day is fine to do. However, I'd suggest slowly reducing the amount of pellets he gets. Measure it with a measuring cup so you can see just how much he is currently getting. Reduce the amount of each feeding by a tablespoon or two. Give him that reduced amount for 2 or 3 days and then reduce it again. Feed that for another 2 or 3 days and continue until he's getting about 2 tablespoons worth each morning and each evening. (4 tablespoons = 1/4 cup) [I'm assuming here that your rabbit is an average size adult rabbit. I'll alter this suggestion if I find out different.]

At the same time, begin refreshing his hay 1 or 2 times per day. (Don't wait until he's eaten all the hay you've given him.) This will encourage him to eat more hay. He should be eating about his body size in hay every day. As he gets used to having fewer pellets, he should begin eating more of his hay.

Continue the lettuce as you've been doing.

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