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Apr 5, 2020
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San Jose, CA
I got two rabbits from someone who’s rabbit accidentally got pregnant; they are brother and sister. Without realizing it at first, they are old enough to mate (5 months). They have been together since birth and the female has had no known pregnancies (I am not in contact w/ previous owner). I just separated them and now they are both acting extremely nervous. They have appointments to be spayed and neutered in a couple weeks but they’ve never been apart before. Do I keep them apart? I don’t want to stress them out but I’m also trying to prevent accidental baby bunnies.
Keep them apart until they are fixed. You can give them a stuffed animal to keep them company until they can get together again.
Just give them some time and quiet to adjust to their new situation. Stay calm and patient, a small treat now and then wouldn't hurt.

The girl can be pregnant, it's not always noticeable. So be prepared and keep an eye on her for the next 30 days.
2 years ago I had suddenly 5 more lil rabbits hopping around in a hutch with four 5 month old doelings, didn't notice any pregnancy or the nest hidden in one of the hidy houses, when I noticed the kits were already 2 weeks and hopping around.
If they aren't near each other, if you can move their cages/pens side by side, even though separated, being near each other might help them feel less nervous.
I kept mine side by side for company while they were seperated... they were good....they would kiss /lick through the cage on each other.

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