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  1. C

    Help! Inbred bunnies! Should I cull?

    Hello everyone! I am new here, and so grateful for this community. So....I have a bit of a problem. A year ago i got my kids two Holland Lops for pets. They were both siblings, and both females. Well, it turns out, one was a boy, because we had a surprise litter in the hutch! Our female did a...
  2. Floof

    Baby Brothers & Neutering?

    I am going to be getting two brother Holland Lops and I have a few questions. From what I have been reading I need to house them separately until after they are neutered or they might fight. That is fine but is 3 months a safe age to neuter them? Or should I wait longer? Also at what age do they...
  3. A

    I need help..

    I got two rabbits from someone who’s rabbit accidentally got pregnant; they are brother and sister. Without realizing it at first, they are old enough to mate (5 months). They have been together since birth and the female has had no known pregnancies (I am not in contact w/ previous owner). I...