House rabbit making strange sounds

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Feb 9, 2020
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Subotica, Serbia
I have almost 6 years old female rabbit. She is not neutered, but since I have her since she was baby and been sharing a room with her for last 5 years, I know ALL of her sounds. I know how her hormonal happiness sounds, how interacting with environment (objects in my room) sound and all of the sounds she normally makes. Recently she started making new sound or two, which usually happen when she sleeps or I am petting her. I took her to vet after first few days of it, he listened to her lungs and checked her mouth and said its all fine and she is fine. He told us we worry too much. Thing is, she eats normally, she pets normally, she sleeps whenever she isn't interrupted by making that sound so none of the alarming signs aren't there. Her nose is dry (as much as it can be when its next to her mouth and tongue which she uses for both drinking water and licking me :)). I am not sure how to add audio file on this, but will upload it in case it might help somebody guess what it could be.
My suspicion is it could be because of the hay which seems to be more dusty and have some prickly dry plants in it, but guess it could be her fur as well since she's been losing some hair (normal change of hair) in past month. Honestly, before taking her again to same vet or to another one, would love to hear if anybody has an idea what it could be and opinion if I am worrying for no reason or not.
Thank you :)

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