Help Me! One of my female bunnies are keep pulling out the other bunny’s fur VIOLENTLY!

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Nov 28, 2023
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One of my female bunnies are keep pulling out the other bunny’s fur VIOLENTLY! The one attacking violently is 9months old and the other one is a 3month old. We just started taking care of them and I don’t know what to do. The 3month old is running away from the 9month old every time it gets near. And last night I saw the 9month old chasing after the 3month old and biting off her fur. I had to separate them. What should I do? The seller I bought the bunnies say I should just leave them together for time to bond despite the biting and violence.
Your were right to separate them. They must be separated for now. The seller is wrong to suggest otherwise. Your older rabbit is hormonal. Rabbits can be vicious and can inflict serious harm (or worse) on another rabbit.

Did you get them both at the same time? I'm guessing that the older one is not spayed?

Take a peek at the following article to learn about rabbit bonding:
They need to remain separated. If you want to eventually bond them, they will need to both be spayed.

Cost for spays can be quite high. If you (or your parents? --can't recall if you are a young person living with your parents) do not want to pay the cost for two spays, then you may want to consider returning one of the two rabbits to the seller. If you want to return one, then the sooner you let the seller know, the more likely they will agree.
And actually, she was suddenly taking out her own fur yesterday suddenly. And making a nest with her fur and the hay, we were very worried. When I woke up this morning, there were babies inside the nest! The problem is that the seller never told me she was pregnant, and I don’t know what I’m supposed to do right now. Do I have to separate the babies and the mother? Do I have to leave her alone? I searched online, but it says they can get sensitive.
If it were me, I'd take the momma and babies (kits) right back to the seller and let her deal with them. That was totally wrong for her to sell you a pregnant rabbit and not tell you. You could wind up with all kinds of vet bills, not to mention you'll need to rehome all the babies or they will also reproduce and you'll soon have more rabbits (and fighting rabbits) than you can handle. In other words, she dumped this rabbit on you so she would not have to deal with all the extra work.

I'd return the momma and babies and perhaps just keep the 3 month old.
The seller said that she didn’t know that the bunny was pregnant. She said a male might’ve gotten loose while they were in the backyard. And I would have returned them too, but my family thinks highly of education for my younger siblings. And we decided to keep them, but now I don’t know how to nurse the bunnies.
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