HELP! G.I stasis ?!

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Apr 30, 2019
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We had a hectic summer and my rabbit seems to be effected by it. He’s always been healthy and I’ve never had any problems with him but recently he’s been having tummy troubles. The past week his poos have me tiny, he’s not drinking nearly enough water if any at all. I have him so meds to get the tract going , that hasn’t helped , yesterday when I listened his tummy was gurgling a whole lot. I have gas drops and when I don’t know to use them properly. Hes (4.8 pounds of that helps) He’s pushing his belly to the floor, loafing in his litter box, doing weird things like he’s hurting. I have metacam for pain. His temperature was 103.1 last night . He’s breathing heavy/fast. I gave him veggies last night, no pellets . He’s eating his hay and he’s out an about this morning still. I don’t what to do!! Would critical care help? Gas drops?