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  1. B

    I need help (litter training)

    I am a first time bunny owner (a 2 and 1/2 month old dutch), tomorrow I am going to start litter training and have been reading that using hay is the best way which I plan to do but if I use hay in his litter training once he is trained can I never put hay with his food again? Like if I put hay...
  2. LassieBunBun

    Should I be concerned?

    I don't really know how to start this thread.... The side of Thumper's face looks off (I'll post a picture below), he was fine this morning and when I came home it looked like he was eating some of Blossom's hay and he went to sleep but when he woke up the side of his face looked wet but he...
  3. Nirelan81221

    Help please worms???

    HELP!!!! I found this worm and plenty others in my rabbit’s cage 😢 I’m going crazy looking up trying to find what it could possibly be.
  4. Ytyiope

    My bunny after giving bith is somehow fat and not hungry!! Help! (RIP)

    I live in Salvador, Brazil. There isn't a specializated vet for bunnies or a vet that understand about bunnies bodies at all! That why I'm seeking help online!! My bunny, Nina gave birth recently, 6 healthily bunnies, but I think she' s having a problem, after she gave birth her stomach is...
  5. C

    Rabbit trying to eat his sister's poop?

    I have two rabbits, brother (K) and sister (R)! K was sniffing around Rs bum and she didn't like that, then they ran around for a bit sniffing(?) eachothers bums. After about a minute of this I then see R eating her soft poops and K was trying to take these from her mouth and then was at her bum...
  6. B

    Over a Year in our House, but Still Refuses Petting/Grooming

    I adopted Frost from the Humane Society over a year and a half ago. She was there because her previous owner (who had her for the first year of her life) was an animal hoarder. I believe that she was neglected. She was used, the day of adoption, for a Bunny Basics training class, where she was...
  7. Selena RD

    Vaginal discharge female lop

    My female rabbit is 1 year old and she started showing signs of a uti cause i had 2 female rabbits already had this so we took her to the vet and they said it was a uti and she was showing symptoms of not pooping, peeing or drinking but she was eating and once we got the 2 medicine which i can't...
  8. Ariana

    HELP! G.I stasis ?!

    We had a hectic summer and my rabbit seems to be effected by it. He’s always been healthy and I’ve never had any problems with him but recently he’s been having tummy troubles. The past week his poos have me tiny, he’s not drinking nearly enough water if any at all. I have him so meds to get the...
  9. S

    Can I keep my female rabbit on her own?

    First post/thread here! I really need help, since I'm very conflicted. Last Friday (it's Tuesday as I write this) I adopted a female rabbit (unsure of the breed, she's white with floppy ears and is very soft and fluffy, looks like a lionhead but not quite so I'm assuming mixed) and named her...
  10. Laur94x

    Worried about my 8 month old rabbits ear

    We have Poppy since she was 16 weeks and her health was generally fine. She eats well,poops and pees as normal and is very playful and gentle. The past two or three days I noticed she has a small bit of hair missing on her ear. When I moved the hair there was scratch like marks. She grooms her...
  11. Lumibun

    Possessive Bunny

    hi, So I recently got Lumi the bun and was sold him at 5 weeks of age. So I’ve had him for about 3 weeks now. So recently he’s been supper possessive. When I’m on my phone to long he’ll nudge it away, when drawing he’ll grab the pencil and throw it or bite the paper, or he’ll intentionally...
  12. Lucy&Vinny

    What bunny do I have?

    Hello I’ve recently bought a rabbit which I believed was a Netherland dwarf. He’s just under 10 weeks. Although, I’m not sure if he actually is that breed he seems a bit big and his ears are larger than pictures I’ve seen of other dwarfs. Would anybody be able to help me out by looking at...
  13. S

    Help! New Mamma of Neutered Rabbit

    Hi guys, I’m new on here as well as a new mom to a beautiful 1 yr and 1 month old dwarf rabbit. I took Binx in to get neutered yesterday and he started eating and drinking water like normal right after and his poop is normal as well. Butttt. He won’t really let us look at the incision site so...
  14. Kayley

    Ants everywhere!

    Hello bunny friends, my giant lop had a litter of 5 about 6 weeks ago and I noticed there’s been a lot of ants in the back section of the hutch where the buns have been going to the bathroom, and around moms litter box. I read that they won’t harm my bunny but I just want them gone as the hutch...
  15. S

    Rabbit Barbering

    I have a spayed female rabbit that is BLOWING out her fur, but we noticed that she has patches of barbered fur. She is a rescue, and still not comfortable with being handled. We have caught her two times now to do serious brushing and plucking, but are slowly getting her comfortable with gentle...
  16. A

    Help, rabbit babies not feeding !!

    June 1 my 5 month old rabbit had seven babies. She had made a nest in her cage, but I read that the nest should be somewhere clean and her cage was dirty so I moved them into a new nest in a clean cage for them. At first she would jump on them, but lately she just lays down near them and kind of...
  17. R

    Baby rabbit twitching

    Hi my name is Raymond I have two baby rabbit there like the size of your palm one of them is running in circle like crazy, twitching and licking my finger what do I do? Is something wrong? It running like crazy. Ugh I don’t want it to die at all I gave it water and put it in its cage I’m worried...
  18. BonbonandJujubee

    I think my rabbit has worms

    I have recently noticed worms in my rabbits poop, I haven't seen very many. I was sitting with him and when he moved I saw he pooped but there was a small white worm on his poop. I am wondering what the best medication to use for worms is. I don't want it to get worse but I am worried about...