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Mar 19, 2015
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Los Angeles, CA
Is bentonite clay used in hay cubes safe for rabbits? I feed Butter regular Timothy hay but when my boyfriend takes care of her, he gets severe allergies to the hay. So we bought hay cubes and the seller said that the bentonite clay is safe for rabbits. Is this true?
I don't know the answer to your question but once bought a big bag of Hay cubes that were for horses but people said they were good for rabbits. However my smaller 1kg rabbits didn't like them- so I think its harder for smaller rabbits to eat them. My larger rabbits, which are around 2 kg seemed quite happy to eat them.
Some rabbits do like hay cubes and others might not be huge fans. I second the recommendation for trying different varieties of hay. Consider orchard, meadow, oat, etc.
Some folks also have luck with having a non-allergic person shake the hay out before it's fed to the rabbits and/or wearing a mask and gloves when handling the hay.
Oxbow also has a newish product called hay stacks which they say are less dusty so that might be worth a shot, but they're still timothy.

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