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Mar 5, 2023
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Hello everyone.
My bunny Bluebell is having issues with food.
He is a dwarf lop-eared bun bun, about 8 mo old.
It is winter here in good ‘ol Oz and where we live it gets down to 0 at times, so he has been needing more food.
I upped his pellets and have been giving him more veg.
I then noticed that his urine became thicker with a creamy texture, indicating too much calcium.
I was also foraging for dandelion and milk thistle for him, as well as grass, which of course is becoming harder to find.
I dropped both the extra pellets and markedly reduced the dandelion etc.
His urine went back to normal.
So what he was left with was the amount of pellets for his size and oaten hay, with veggies.

The problem with this was he was ravenously hungry all the time and looked like he was dropping weight.
I increased his pellets again which satisfied him, but I have the same issue with his urine.
I use Barastock pellets formulated for rabbits.
What else can I do if I can’t increase his pellets to help him over winter, when he needs more than just the hay, veggies and the amount of pellets for his size?


Loony bunny guy
Jul 19, 2015
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What about simple grass hay? The stuff you listed sound rather rich with grass getting scarce

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