Fluffy Bartleby needs forever home! Lop/angora mix

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Jan 25, 2011
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Iowa City, Iowa, USA
Bartleby AKA Burt is a lop/angora mix. He's about 7lbs, and of course very cute. He needs to go to his forever home where he will be loved and appreciated as the special boy he is. He's been neutered, and can be housed with other rabbits; although he comes on really strong the first meeting (he loves to soon to fast). I've had no issues with aggression towards humans or other animals- he's mellow. He's very easy to handle, and easy to pick up.
He has a more reserved personality, but I'm sure he'll warm up more in his forever home. He does like to follow his favorite person around the house, and will quietly check on you while he's running around. Bartleby can safely free roam your entire house as he does mine, and uses his litterbox really well. He also loves to stick his tongue out, and is always licking his lips, objects, or just poking it out. He also likes to sit on the back of the couch, or in front of my screen door, and watch the people walking by.
When Burt is upset, he makes his feelings known with a hearty thump that can be heard in any room. He sleeps next to my big hound dog, and tried to put the moves on my cat (who is the same color and fluff as him).
He is available through the IowaRabbitRescue.org and is $50. He can be transported or picked up in person. They also do trial periods for people close by. If you think this little dude is your soulbun, please visit IowaRabbitRescue.org and drop an application for Bartleby.

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