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  1. K

    Bonding Bunnies?

    Hi all! I was wondering if anyone had any opinions or knowledge about getting a second rabbit. I have been wanting to adopt a second rabbit from my local rabbit rescue for a while now and I have been thinking about doing it when I graduate from college this spring. However, I've heard...
  2. Shannon Watson

    6 Month Old Mini Rex Buck!!!

    I am very sad to be writing this post, but it has to be done. We are moving into an apartment due to sudden financial issues with my boyfriend and I. We are the parents of a six month old broken castor mini rex buck, and we are unable to take him with us. He has been handled daily and is very...
  3. Rivka


    We have an adorable female mini-bunny called Thumper. She is eight months old and can be shy at first but is super loving. She is amazing with humans, and other animals. She loves to play, cuddle, and get massages. WE would love to keep her but my husband is allergic to her and we tried to do...
  4. Alek

    Fluffy Bartleby needs forever home! Lop/angora mix

    Bartleby AKA Burt is a lop/angora mix. He's about 7lbs, and of course very cute. He needs to go to his forever home where he will be loved and appreciated as the special boy he is. He's been neutered, and can be housed with other rabbits; although he comes on really strong the first meeting (he...