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  1. BunMomDelux

    New bun and lockdown means no vet

    I just took in a 15lbs bun last week. Energetic, eats a lot and lets me pick her up. She has a clear discharge from her nose and I’m constantly picking tiny dry boogers from the corner of her eyes. I’m dying to take her to a vet since she’s never been (7 mo old) but no one has been taking any...
  2. Pompomelo

    Weird mouth movements?

    I Recently rescued an “Easter Bunny” who looks to be 6 weeks old at the most :( He’s been doing well except for this mouth movement he does almost every 10-ish minutes. it looks as if he has a piece of hair stuck in his throat and he’s moving his tongue in and out to try and dislodge it. He‘ll...
  3. Bengisudeveci

    3 months old rabbit, introducing vegetables

    I gave my rabbit a tiny piece of lettuce for 3 days now. Can i give him vegetables everyday ? he is 3 months old. i will introduce new vegetables every week but how much should i increase the amount ? Also when can i give him fruits (treats) ?
  4. H

    Does a 5 m/o rabbit need pellets everyday?

    I'm freaking out because I accidentally got Hendrix's bag of pellets all wet and I had to throw them out. There's no pet stores around me that carry rabbit supplies - only cat and dog. I placed an order on Chewy for new pellets but it says it should take 1-3 days to come. If I'm feeding him...
  5. B

    Alfalfa based diet for young rabbit - when to switch?

    Hi everyone, My rabbit is almost 4 months old and he’s currently eating unlimited alfalfa hay and oxbow’s young rabbit pellets. I’ve read mixed reviews on when to start switching over to timothy hay. At what age do you think it’s appropriate to start easing your rabbit into timothy hay...
  6. B

    Is it necessary to neuter rabbit?

    I know the benefits of neutering such as decreasing aggression/mating/territorial marking behavior. However, is it totally necessary if the rabbit doesn’t show any of those negative behaviors? Not sure how my new 3.5 month old male will change but he seems pretty chill for now. Also if he...
  7. cosmoluna

    How old should my bunny be to start feeding treats?

    Hi all (: I just was wondering when I can start feeding my young bunny treats! I have oxbow baked treats (strawberry and banana) made with hay. How long should I wait before giving her any? She’s 3 month old right now.
  8. Gelly

    Too early to free roam?

    I want to free roam my bunny but he's young (13 weeks) and not yet neutered. Should I keep him in his cage when I'm out or start free roaming already? He just seems very comfortable in his cage and gets plenty of workouts since I let him out whenever I'm home. Any tips on free roaming appreciated!
  9. Gatsby & Co

    Brown liquid on bunnies' litter pan

    I'm cleaning my bunnies' litter pan and I notice some red/brown liquid. Doesn't 100% appear to be blood. Image following...
  10. Kat Lust

    Safe for My 3 Month Old Bunnies to Eat Timothy Hay?

    Hello everyone, Recently, I have been a bit concerned about the diet my rabbits have. I have heard that for young rabbits up until 7 months old or so, are supposed to eat Alfalfa Hay, as it is the best for their growth and health. I have two 3 month old bunnies, and I have had them for a bit...
  11. L

    My bun has a bubble under left rib cage!

    Hello everyone I have a 1 1/2 year old Lion head dwarf bunny and she isn't spayed. So for about a week now I was aware of this big bubble and it feels firm. Pretty big and feels like it goes to the other side but it is hard to explain it is the size of half or maybe more of the rib cage and is...
  12. Alek

    Fluffy Bartleby needs forever home! Lop/angora mix

    Bartleby AKA Burt is a lop/angora mix. He's about 7lbs, and of course very cute. He needs to go to his forever home where he will be loved and appreciated as the special boy he is. He's been neutered, and can be housed with other rabbits; although he comes on really strong the first meeting (he...
  13. O

    New young bunny chewing very hard and biting shoes and pants

    HI Everyone I just got a new bunny last Saturday and he is really wild acting. He is a continental Giant who is 4 mos old. I know he hasn't been handled much so he was naturally scared at first but after just 1 day he has warmed up. I have him in a very large dog crate so after the first day I...
  14. Hoptimist

    Young Bunny Acting Lethargic, Need for Concern?

    Hi! I'm a new bunny mom of a 3 month old little girl named Bean. I've had her for about 2 weeks. Since I've had her Bean is constantly following my feet, devouring any food put in front of her, and if I walk into her play area she'll always run right up to me. For some reason starting yesterday...