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  1. Leaf823

    Bonding - Grooming Too Much??

    I am in the process of bonding my two rabbits. An older female and a younger male. The male is fixed and the female is not. The bonding has been going well so far however, when the younger male grooms my older female he seems to be pulling too hard. I noticed this after I saw the female had a...
  2. cosmoluna

    How old should my bunny be to start feeding treats?

    Hi all (: I just was wondering when I can start feeding my young bunny treats! I have oxbow baked treats (strawberry and banana) made with hay. How long should I wait before giving her any? She’s 3 month old right now.
  3. Gelly

    Too early to free roam?

    I want to free roam my bunny but he's young (13 weeks) and not yet neutered. Should I keep him in his cage when I'm out or start free roaming already? He just seems very comfortable in his cage and gets plenty of workouts since I let him out whenever I'm home. Any tips on free roaming appreciated!
  4. Floyd2019

    Question about Cecotropes!

    Hi all! So my bunny is an un neutered male, 7 months old. Ever since i got him he has struggled with diet issues and cecum disorders etc which is why he hasn't been neutered yet. He is finally healthy and on a well balanced diet of timothy hay and greens. I used to see cecotropes everywhere...
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