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    My sis works at a long term care of their patients was out for a walk with her parents and they let herdecimate a nest of cottontails. The babiesweren't even able to really hop yet. The parentsthought it was cute. She managed to get two. They took them back to the nursing facility where one of the nurses thought it would be a good idea to put them in with a 7 pound male domestic rabbit that they have in the sunroom.

    My sister came along at this point and confiscated the babies...her and another nurse walked the grounds trying to find the nest...but the facility sits on an 8 acre site and they had no luck.

    Since my sis is anti-rabbit the babies ended up with me...
    I have had a VERY long week thus far...I spent 3 HOURS on the phone Monday trying to find a rehabber to take is on sabbatical till September, one won't answer her phone (going on four days now), and the Humane Society here euthanizes them because they are too much work at this age.
    I did find one 3 hours drive away...but you're not supposed to remove them that far from their "area".
    The one rescue that I did get ahold of told me to NOT feed them...and get them to a rehabber.:huh
    Yeah...I wish I had thought of THAT!
    So I am extremely frustrated right now and grumpy.:grumpy

    I am assuming they are between 14-16 days old now...their ears were still down and they were about 3 inches long when I got them...I have been feeding them by bottle twice a day...they are taking 7ml each per feeding each, twice a day...and supplementing them with benebac...I introduced greens yesterday and they are eating them...I was watching the local cottontails to see what they have been foraging for and offered the same to the babies. They have a nice big stash of hay in the carrier as well.

    My question is how do I wean them? And how old do they have to be to be released?

    I was going to setup a run of sorts in the backyard for them until they are old enough to be released on the grounds of the facility where they were found. Right now they are still in the rabbit carrier.

    A little advise would be nice...I have been reading articles by HRS, Dana Kremples...etc...but they really aren't specific enough on the whole wean and release thing!


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