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They look so settled together, love seeing these two. Pic is funny :p
Ao the truth comes out. When I leave the house the rabbits have a binky party (I actually thought they had grown out of it) around where my wife sits...I know I sound like a broken record at this point but **** buns, no love for daddy!
What little (or rather big) stinkers they are!! Can't believe they save the binkies for when you're not around.
My wife is off on vacation for a week so I get all the love...snicker...not really but I'd like to think so. No binkies or what not but I'll survive. Was spending some quality time, petting, brushing what not when again I made the observation that Conan's fur is so much softer the Xena's coarse fur, but then the amount he sheds is nuts. He's not even molting and I feel like I'm removing a rabbits full worth of fur every week. He's a Flemish, I would hate to see what an Angora or a Lionhead must be like if my breed supposedly isn't that much of a shedder. The little stinker is not a fan of my ministrations but what are you going to do, maintenance needs to be done.
I do laugh at their indifference to you, you truly are their slave. Bandy loses loads of fur and it gets everywhere, I keep a good supply of lint removers to get rid of all that hair.
Indifference! Yesterday my wife comes home and its like a Disney scene, they come to her wanting for pets and circling around her. This morning same thing. I mean I was the one who talked her into getting rabbits those ingrates! It is funny though at my expense.
So it seems the buying house thing came back up and is a strong possibility. This week I'll either know I'm buying a house or moving in with my mother by October. What a strange set of circumstances to have such polar opposites. Either the dynamic duo of Conan & Xena will be packing up for a new home.

Speaking of which I'm coming in on my anniversary of having adopted Conan. Two years he 's been with me, and if anything he's gotten cuter and grumpier. I can't see myself with him or rabbits in my life anymore. Never have I been around a domestic animal that has so fascinated me.

Otherwise the buns are good. An anti-social lot however , as i have to constantly force them into the family room but once there they look pretty comfortable I think you'd agree. ImageUploadedByRabbit Forum1408426623.857497.jpgImageUploadedByRabbit Forum1408426633.941515.jpgImageUploadedByRabbit Forum1408426643.471160.jpgImageUploadedByRabbit Forum1408426660.584072.jpg
The other night (of course while I was at work) the dynamic duo came out to hang out with my wife. At one point she was eating a peach, and of all buns Conan, the picky one, makes attempts at the peach. He actually managed to run off with it and my wife had to chase him down. She gave him a fleshy piece and of course he didnt want it, just the pit. Xena then made her own attack on the pit. Silly rabbits can't have them get ill from trying, its just strange that Conan who's been more pickier then ever tried.
Well its been two months since my last check in. Big things have happened. I went on vacation to Ireland (not my first time, but my wife's first time and it was a blast), but right before I had the excitement of a house closing and I can say I'm now a first time home owner! Of course one of the first things I did was move my bunnies in! They took to it like pro's, they love the running around and seem generally relaxed in their new place.

Of course there's a but. Heh, their current set up is in the basement and is only temporary while we fix the flooring and all and actually move in which won't be until the first of November. They seem so happy though in the basement, but I just want them to free roam where I primarily dwell so I'm going to be selfish and make them get used to a new area again shortly. Sadly it won't be as carpeted, but who know's maybe they'll enjoy it nonetheless. Here's some pics and videos.

Photo Oct 12, 19_34_46.jpg

Photo Oct 12, 19_34_53 (1).jpg

Photo Oct 12, 19_34_57.jpg
Congratulations on the house!! :D That must be super exciting. Can't wait to see Xena and Conan's digs once the floors are done.
Well a month later and I finally feel a little more comfortable in my big ol' new house. I finally moved the rabbits from the basement enclosure to the proper floor with us. Only its smaller then what they had in my old home and in their temp place. Old home was a 2 floor bunny condo was 8ft by 3 and a 1/2 ft. The temporary one was actually pretty similar in size (without a second floor). This new one (I'll post pics later when I take them) is 5ft'3in by 2ft'6in. Rather small for two Flemish, and I do feel a little bad about it but it was the one clear space that wouldn't ruin my families cherished aesthetics of the new home, plus with the new house they can truly be free roam bunnies rather then have to be kept in a single room and let out only when the birds are asleep. The only problem is too much hardwood flooring and not enough carpeting. I hope they eventually adapt.

One thing I noticed, since they didn't have a lot of out time in the basement, when they did come out they were a lot more happier and friendlier. My hope is that no that they can truly adapt to being part of the family since there is little limitation of their movements, and the new enclosure is smack dab in the middle of the house. Only time will tell.
Well I've expanded my rabbits roaming territory, and they really seem to like the freedom. However in order to do that they needed some extra carpets because even with only about a foot and a half of hardwood floor space between carpet it proved too scary for them to go over. They quickly found their usual sweet spot under the dining room table and promptly began to dismantle my old rug under it. No biggie, I expected that so the damage is minuscule.

Also, I found out my mother in law can actually call the rabbits over to her (not always, but I just saw her do it). I'm around them all the time and she's only occasionally around them! So it turns out they like even her better then me. Man, these fuzzy butts are going to give me a complex at this rate.

Sadly not all is happy times at our house. Our cockatiels have been hurting themselves flying around. Luckily no major injuries. but one of them lost her feathers around her ears and now looks like she has a hole straight into her head. We don't want to clip their feathers because we like them flying around, but we can't keep risking them injuring themselves so we've had to cut the access to the larger spaces.
Here's my new set up. Its a 5ft by 2 and 1/2ft former laundry closet where we put up a shelf to store all their stuff. Its small for Flemish, but since they get to free roam this is really just their bedroom and bathroom.. I think they're pretty happy, especially the free roam part because I constantly find them in the huge living room. All's good except for two things. The carpet for the dinning room isn't rabbit proof, so they've been tearing it up. That's not a huge issue because it was kind of expected and its a rug from back in my bachelor days so my wife is perfectly happy of getting rid of it eventually :D . The other issue is they keep doing tremendous binky's while I'm not looking. My mother-in-law likens it to horses galloping and she says they achieve some serious height. Of course they do it while I'm not around or not looking :mad:

Photo Nov 28, 19 52 29.jpg

Photo Nov 28, 19 52 35.jpg
All the freedom seems to have gone to their...ahem, well they ended up peeing on my living room carpet. Their litter box is roughly 15ft away, I don't think it's that far for these big buns, so personally i think they did it out of laziness. They like being in the living room so much i guess they wish their den was there. I decided to limit their territory again for a day and begin expanding again slowly. I might put out another litter box, I have no issue with that, but I have a sneaky suspicion there is something else going on then just their box is too far.
Figured I'd share this pic. The buns seem really happy in this new house, constantly lounging around and not being as skittish. Xena is constantly dead flopping and so inured to human company she actually allowed my wife belly kisses while Xena was dead flopped. Conan hardly moves when you try to get around him in a tight hallyway. Heh, if anything these buns have become lovable obstacles!

Photo Dec 16, 21 07 49.jpg
They've certainly made themselves at home. And those are no small obstacles to go around!

I'm so glad everybun has settled in so well :)

Sorry the cockatiels have had a harder go at the new place. I hope things are a bit more settled for them now.
Aww! Conan's giving you the stink-eye and Xena's just resigned to it, haha. Hope your cockatiels are feeling better.
Thanks, yeah Titania's ear feathers have grown in so she doesn't look mutilated or abused. They seem to not be flying into as many things thank goodness but it still freaks me out. But man have they gotten louder of late and I'm not sure why.

As for Conan, yeah he's always giving me a stink eye. Today we finally wrapped the presents and put them under the christmas tree. First year we have a fake one, both rabbits came up to it, tried to nibble and decided its not for them so there is no worry about them and the tree. But he second I out down the presents Conan would run over to 'investigate' whenever I wasn't nearby. Luckily Im too smart for that so immediately put up a barrier just in case. I figure to keep it up for one more day and after the presents are given out I'll just take it down again.

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