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Having a huge problem with the buns of late. They keep peeing on the living room carpet, so much so that cleaning it is no longer working and stains still remain. I have no idea what got into these guys (I suspect its Xena) as they never peed on the carpet before. So now we're trying to figure out what to do design wise in the living room. Meanwhile we've gone back to basics and locked the buns back up until they learn their proper litter box.
I truly don't think its an issue of not having enough litter boxes. They also pee on the bathroom mat and that's located maybe 6ft away from their den. They don't pee on the hallway carpet which is right next to their den. I guess its just one of those strange things but **** I wish I could figure it out so I don't have to throw out any more carpets and won't have my family upset that they can't get nice things.
That tough. The only advice I know is to clean with vinegar, spay or neuter whish in your case has been done (well not your case but the buns :) ) and start over with litter training which you are doing.

Don't you just wish they could understand us so we could explain why they should not do these things. Good Luck!
So they peed on that carpet so much we can't use it any longer and I got to figure if there's anyway to remove the stains. Then today we noticed a spot of pee in our bed room carpet, yet they've never been to our room! It's definitely one of them, to similar to pee patterns found in their usual spots it just amazes me that somehow they snuck in to our bedroom, peed, then snuck out all without us seeing it!

A related amusing story to share. We have my wife's grandma in town and she's staying with us in our spare room. One morning grandma groggily wakes up thinking the downstairs cat somehow had gotten upstairs to pester her but the ears were far too long. It was Xena in the bed with her. Apparently she had snuck when grandma had gone to use the facilities and was locked in all night! The strange thing was Xena didn't pee in that room, nor did she eat any of the plants (things she's notorious for) for a stretch of at least 8 hours!!! What to do with this girl, when it's obvious she can behave, she just chooses not to.

In other news we've been approved to get an Icelandic Sheepdog, so soon my wife will accomplish her life long dream of owning a dog. Now hopefully I can get the menagerie to all coexist peacefully together.
Cats, rabbits, birds and now a dog, free-ranged bunnies and pee on your carpet, and you're still typing away civilly! How do I find a guy like you???

All my life the people I've loved and lived with have always laid down the law that "cleanliness > animals' happiness", and my life goals have been reduced to "maybe own a very neat cat one day and be able to let the bunnies out during daytime". :grumpy:
The only advice I can give is to clean the area with the usual vinegar/water mix. Trying on a small spot first to make sure it will not permanently discolor your rug. I have a spot bot and love the thing. Makes a thorough clean up so much quicker and easier.

BTW I had never heard of that breed of dog which does not happen often as I've been an animal lover especially dogs since I can remember. Did a quick search. Handsome dogs they are and sound like they would make a good companion.
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Saw the dog on Saturday, and he is adorable. I'm still not a pet person and only the rabbits have kind of shaken me out of it a little, but the puppy is a sweet little guy. The runt of the litter. I'd show pics but until I actually have the dog (by the end of February) I don't want to jinx it.

What's this Spot Bot PaGal? I'll look it up, I'm intrigued. Right now we have no carpet in the living room for them to pee all over so it's been quiet. Surprisingly no pee in the Hallway carpet that they spend the majority of their time on. Maybe they just see it as part of their den so they keep it cleaner.

Today my In-laws heard a commotion in the early morning, and when I woke up I saw what looked like pulled out fur. I guess the buns got in a fight, no visible injuries, but still spooked me a little cause they haven't fought in almost a year now so it was a little surprising. They also seem hungrier lately, and thirstier. I thought it could be it being winter but the house stays a consistent temperature so could it be instinctual rather then environmental? They're acting the same, just seem like they need a little more of everything. I guess I'll have to keep an eye on things.
Doing the monthly intense check, and it seems Conan again has developed sore hocks. **** it. Well, not sore, but circular bald patches on his back hocks. They are not red, nor hot, but they are there. So I put some bag balm and will repeat. I don't get it, he's not overweight and he's on carpets or the rubber mat all day. It may be his toenails, but I clip those. Maybe he's just prone to it. Xena as always is fine.
Bandit also has a tiny bare patch on each of his heels, I was worried about it but I'm told it's not unusual and only if it's sticky/wet or red and inflamed is it an issue. Hope it doesn't develop further with Conan.

Hope all goes well with the puppy, hoping for pictures :D
Well I hope I'm not jinxing this, but in two weeks I'll be picking up this puppy. His name is Bassi which I'm told means Little Bear. He's the runt of the litter, but his litter-mates were all big so he's basically regular size for an Icelandic Sheepdog.

Today I spent the day doing the usual rabbit chores, cleaning out the rabbit area and then the bird area...and now it seems I'll be adding a dog to that list. And I'm not a pet person...Oh well, this blog makes a liar out of me and the fact I do take care of my pets has got to mean I care. I guess...



A weekend of discoveries for me. This weekend we discovered Xena had an abscess on the side of her hock, sort of between the joint of her foot and her leg. My wife being a nurse treated it, and we remain vigilant. Plus a Vet appointment is coming up. That was the only sad thing from my duo.

Discovered that Xena has this thing where she clamps onto my wife's hand to force my wife to give her pets...This stunned me. I wasn't aware that any of my rabbits exhibited behavior where they want human attention. My wife nonchalantly let it be known that this has been happening for a long time and assumed that Xena did it with me...:mad: No, as I have stated numerous times the rabbits that I cherish and fought to have pretty much run away from me. She could have at least shared that yes, the do have interest in human contact. Heh heh, well no big deal it was just really sweet to know that. Maybe some day they won't see me as the mean large beast who kicks them out of their home to rearrange things (clean).

Last discovery, we've been preparing things for the imminent arrival of our puppy. We got this dog bed and such. Well when we first got rabbits we tried with the dog bed but there was no interest. Tonight however, the bunny has landed and now we probably lost the dog bed...

Photo Feb 23, 00 15 58.jpg

Photo Feb 23, 00 16 56.jpg

Photo Feb 23, 00 15 14 (1).jpg
I think Conan has staked a claim. What I'm wondering is if Xena managed to squeeze her big furry butt in there next to Conan :p They're so huge! All 10 of my rabbits sitting in that bed, wouldn't fill it up.
How cute are they in the dog bed?!

Will you be letting the buns and Bassi out at the same time? Curious as to how they'll get along! :)
Will you be letting the buns and Bassi out at the same time? Curious as to how they'll get along! :)

The plan is yes, after of course they learn to get along. I chose the Icelandic Sheepdog specifically because its a breed with a Low Prey Drive, known to get along with kids and other pets. Also, Bassi so far seems to be the most mellow of the litter so I'm hoping that, some training, patience and a bit of good luck will make for a happy household.
So Xena decided to help me file my taxes. I agreed with her that the government takes too big a bite out of my income but that was no reason to chew on said fact. I wonder if the rabbit ate my tax info works as good as the dog ate my homework. Luckily the damage wasn't too bad but I'm sure my accountant thinks less of my responsible nature. And my wife thought it was better to take this pic then stop her right away...Yeah, she says that she didn't think what Xena was chewing was important...

Photo Feb 23, 02 18 49.jpg
hahah - Xena wants to help you, she sees you worried when looking at those papers, so she decided to shred them for you, to get you off that sort of pain. Of course she noticed you don't have a paper shredder, and that's why she did it for you.

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