Cleaning scent glands!! HELP!!

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Apr 9, 2020
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I have had my rabbits for about 2 years now, and rarely cleaned their scent glands because its HARD! May my oldest has scent glands that are just horrible. They smell like onions... When she was younger I cleaned them out, and let me tell you the situation was a disaster! Shes very sassy and will nip and everything! I just have no clue how to hold her because every way I tried she freaks out and runs like a maniac. So, I've held off cleaning them but there really bad and I REALLY want to clean them. My youngest Autumn is chill enough where I think I will be able to clean them. Autumn does freak out at times but if I let her cool down she should let me clean them... the only rabbit that I have a problem with is May. So if any of you have any advice of cleaning scent glands from a crazy rabbit please let me know! :)


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Sep 10, 2012
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I had a rabbit that hated it too and would try and bite the crap out of me. And this is a rabbit that normally liked to cuddle with me. I would have to burrito wrap the front of her with a towel, with just the hind end uncovered to get to the scent glands. It's easier to do with a helper. And I would suggest doing it safely on the floor in case she wiggles free. Otherwise, there's always the vet that you could pay to do it.


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Oct 12, 2019
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I have never really had a problem with scent glands. The only one who stank was Musti, and he was a goody two shoes boy who let me do basically anything to him. Lümi was also the same-no problems with handling or stinks. Sorry i cannot really help out on that one.

A side note though. God vets do wonders in bunny handling. For the majority of cases.
Storm's first vet visit was vaccine and nail clip since he was totally unmanageable. Took three people at the vets to get it done and we all ended up scratched.
His last visit was in may/june? Had a suspicion about his abundant flaky earwax. While i was there, asked the vet to take care of his nails. The lady just flipped him onto his back and got her assistant to do it in under a minute. No kicking, no grunting, no teeth showing.
Iris falls into the same lot as Storm-no handling for her. She will run the fastest i've ever seen. At the local vet, grumbly about the stupidness they tried to lift her by the ears, picked her up myself. No problems, she just shook a bit.