Bunnies eyes are moving back and forth

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Jul 12, 2019
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United states
My bunny rin has been diagnosed with mature cataracts and he is on eye drops which are ketorolac and another that starts with a d. He has recently displayed rapid eye movement of going side to side. I was wondering if anyone else has had experience with this if maybe it's the medication or some sort of infection or disease. He has an appointment scheduled for Tuesday the 16 of this month to see what's wrong. I'm just worried that if this is serious or not... the vet didnt ask if I could get him in earlier or to do an emergency visit so I'm not sure whether they dont think its serious or not... I'm just looking to get advice I love my baby boy and I'd do anything for him.
It could be a sign of disruption of the vestibular organs.
Which can make a rabbit dizzy and stop eating.
We had our vet visit today and they said he has an ear infection and that may be causing the eye issue or its neurological problems... he has medication for the infection so we just have to wait and see unfortunately
Hi @shaowfire4353 how is your bunny? My bunny has the exact same eye issue, we had her at the vets last night and they said she has a parasite which is in her ear, that can cause brain damage, affect kidneys, eyes and other organs. I'm hoping we caught it early enough to treat, but its very scary. The vet reckons theres a 50/50 chance of a recovery. Did your bunny respond well to treatment? Hope your bunny is ok, looks like a huge fluffy beauty in the video.