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  1. Lola&Lily

    Eye issues

    Hello, I have a 3 year old mini rex named Lola. She has this gray gunk over her eye. This has happened before and it eventually went away on its own. I want to make sure that it will go away again. Is there something I can do to help her or should I take her to the vet? Here is a photo of her...
  2. elentari

    Thing in Eye

    So I noticed this thing in Mabs eye late last night and I couldn't tell if was a hair or maybe the start of a cataract; but does this look familiar to anybody? I put an eyedrop in her eye but so far I can't tell if anything has happened because whatever is in her eye seems to move.. Hopefully...
  3. CookieNrayzee2020

    Cherry eye/ third eyelid damage from a cat scratch

    Hello, Yesterday we noticed that our little 4 month old angora Rex female, raisin, was hiding under the chair during a time she usually plays. Upon further inspection it looked as if her eye was injured in the corner area. After researching I’ve diagnosed it as a mild cherry eye. We have another...
  4. elentari

    Pimple/Cyst Like Bump Under Rabbit's Eyes.

    So my rabbit has these two little bumps a few centimetres under both her eyes, and I don't know if they're new, or I just somehow never noticed them before and they're natural for rabbits to have. Anyway, they feel relatively similar in size/same placement, they're kind of like semi hard bumps...
  5. Joscelyn Owens

    My rabbits eye is scaring me more everyday. Will he die?

    I took my bunny to the vet after seeing a little swelling in his eye. They said he had a 104 degree fever and an upper respiratory infection. I'm not sure why his eye is getting worse. We are basically at the vet daily for fluids, antibiotic shots, vitamin b shots, and eye drops. I honestly...
  6. shadowfire4353

    Bunnies eyes are moving back and forth

    My bunny rin has been diagnosed with mature cataracts and he is on eye drops which are ketorolac and another that starts with a d. He has recently displayed rapid eye movement of going side to side. I was wondering if anyone else has had experience with this if maybe it's the medication or some...
  7. Annie Parenteau

    Eye problem... will he loose his eye?

    I live in Saudi Arabia where the resources and knowledge about rabbits is scarce. I am desperate to find a vet or specialist that can tell me what my rabbit has at his left eye. I have done some research and posted on forums, but opinions are contradictory and not professional. Here’s the...
  8. J

    Peanut or runt? Also with eye injury

    Hi. My netherland dwarf first time mom gave birth to 4 kits June 13, 2019. Two have survived since then. I thought they were peanuts honestly and didnt expect them to make it this long. At 4 days old, mama bunny accidentally clipped baby boy bunny eye with her nail, and his eye never healed. I...
  9. DeeDeeXxx

    Redness around the eyeball?

    Hi everyone,I’m a bit concerned about my 12 week old Lionhead. He seems to have a red spot around his eyeball. My husband says it’s normal but I’m still not convinced. Can anyone give me an ideal as to what this could be? Along side from that he is a very healthy happy bunbun. Thanks!:)
  10. Alyshia

    Bun isn't opening eye

    Hi guys I have a year old female harlequin rabbit named Misty. This morning during her playtime I noticed that she wasn't opening her left eye. She will open it about halfway if something piques her interest and that allowed me see that there's a milky white patch near the middle of her eye and...