Breeding? Or no babies?

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Jul 27, 2019
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Japan, Nagoya
Giving birth is painful for a woman but new babies are born every second do you think it is just because modern medicine still can't clon them? Pain is a part of life process but I think we are slightly off-topic here already and OP just lost interest in this thread long ago.
This is a problem that needs to be talked about, because it was never solved and the shelters never stop to be overcrowded. Some people want us to forget about it and stop thinking about it, the reason being that are the very people who feel guilty because they are irresponsible with their pets. There is NO other reason to advocate amateur breeding, under any pretext. Birth pain being natural? How does that excuse millions of babies being thrown in rivers and abandoned in dumpster? People not accepting other views than their own? For real? Saying stop breeding bunnies because even the most expensive breeds of litter trained, house broken bunnies end up killed in shelters is only trying to protect future pets. And also doing the human genre a favor too. We don't need to irresponsibly, selfishly waste more animals lives!! We already kill enough for our own life style comfort!!


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Oct 28, 2019
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Kane PA
Don’t even know if you’ll get this far after reading all of these posts..your rabbits are precious..but, they are right that there are toooo many bunnies without homes. Unless you have a set plan..and..that you are prepared to care for all of them if one person falls through. And it’s costly, and it eats time if done the RIGHT way,..etc.etc..I get that YOU want to experience having bunnies..but unfortunately it’s not the time until you have a set plan....even full breed rabbits are hard to sell...I don’t care about making a dime with my rabbits, but it’s lucky I have housing and money to feed this many....just make a plan first...

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