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Aug 13, 2014
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My husband and I adopted a little bunny back in November, thinking it was a little girl. Well, last night the humane society called to let us know that there was a mix-up and a bunny they were trying to adopt out had our information on that bunny's microchip. Turns out we adopted a little boy! No wondering the bonding process with our current boy has been a bit rough. Anyone have any special tips for bonding two males? Does anyone have success stories? So far everything I've read from people with two males is that they have been friends at first and then needed to be separated. I would like to think that there is some hope!

-both bunnies have been neutered and hormones are no longer an issue
-we alternate who spends the night in which pen, to try to minimize territory issues, however our first boy is quite possessive of both pens and is definitely the instigator in any fights
-things have gotten better since we first got them - fewer fights and less nipping through bars
-they did GREAT over Christmas when we were at my in-laws' fighting, cuddled up together, lots of grooming - that fell apart when we got home.


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Mar 20, 2012
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Arizona, USA
Hmmm... if they were ok at you in-laws, then it could be that you have more of a territorial dispute at home that is causing issues.

Have you been attempting to bond them in neutral territory (where neither has been before?) It might be necessary to keep them in a neutral area since that seemed to work when they were away from 'home.' They should bond in some such neutral area for maybe a couple weeks to try to solidify that bond before allowing them back into the non-neutral area.

When they do go back, it would be a good idea to - as much as possible - change their prior areas. Dismantle the pens, set them up in a different location or arrangement, wipe them down well with vinegar, and use items from their shared, neutral area.

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