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Jun 27, 2013
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campbell river, BC
I'm currently working on bonding two males (both fixed). The one just got neutered last week and is healing so I know he'll need at least another week or two to heal and some time for the hormones to die down. But I want to know if the signs are good or what more I need to do.
Right now they're in pens side by side with clear visibility of each other. Right now even prior to the neutering:
Lay side by side.
lick at each other
during each individual time out, they constantly come to check on the other.
and when the one went to the vet and was gone all day the other sulked till he returned.
or they happily ignore each other till they decide they want the other's company.

when they are together without the bars they circle and try to hump each other and each will accept the mount (I give each a few seconds before making them back off). but no grunting or anything I would say is aggressive.
The safest course of action would be to continue to let them remain in side by side pens (not being let out together at all yet) until at least 4 weeks after the one's neuter. It's risky to allow them to interact directly this soon after neuter. Doing so risks a sudden aggression from fluctuating hormones. That could jeopardize their future bonding.

If they seem to be doing ok in side-by-side pens, you could try swapping items from one pen to the other to further get them used to sharing objects/items. I don't see any advantage of allowing them to interact directly at this point... only risk.

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