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Jan 16, 2018
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hi everybun!
I have a male holland lop ( whose ears forgot to lop) and he is 6 months. He is going to be neutered within the month, but I am also getting a buddy for him in May, also a male holland lop. He will be 2 months when I get him, but I’m wondering should I wait to Introduce them until both of them are neutered? I really want them to be housed together as soon as possible but I don’t want any serious fights. What’s the best way to go about bonding these two? My bunny I have now is 6 months old, so they are close in age.


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Mar 28, 2018
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Your buns ears should lop soon. My holland took a little longer to lop than his siblings.
As for bonding, I'd wait until they are neutered and healed up. This will prevent nasty dominance disputes from raging hormones(Mr. Gibbles the Holland lop has some nasty marks to prove that much). When you go to bond them, do it in neutral territory. And by that I mean a room or space neither of them has ever been in, not just one they haven't marked or been in individually a few times. Sometimes going straight together works, but most of the time it doesn't. With my two indoors, I had to keep them in the same cage but I took a wire panel and placed it in the middle. I then put their food and water bowls right up against that grate so they could see and hear and be near each other when eating, but not be able to attack. Did this for a week or so and then slowly introduced them to each other in large areas under supervision. Sometimes they bond instantly, sometimes it takes forever. Just be sure to keep an eye on them when you officially keep them together for the first few times because even if they seem bonded they might just be tolerating each other

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Mar 19, 2012
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Arizona, USA
It is not suggested to get a baby to try to bond with an adult rabbit. (Rabbits are adult at 6 months). This is just asking for trouble and the very real possibility that they will ultimately refuse to bond. Getting two males can make it even more difficult.

I'd strongly suggest you wait until 8 weeks after your current bunny is neutered (to allow hormones to fully dissipate). Then you can have him meet some other fixed rabbits (through a rabbit rescue). This is the only way to ensure you wind up with an actual bond. If a potential bondmate doesn't work out, the rescue will allow an exchange. This cannot be done if you start with a baby.

If you still decide to go with a baby, under no circumstances should they interact until 6-8 weeks after the younger one is neutered. Allowing them to interact beforehand serves no benefit but only carries risk -- risk that they might fight, preventing bonding in the future.

For more on bonding, check here.

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