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Jan 21, 2019
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Somebody please tell me what's happened to my boy :(

I've had my bun (Channy) for about 4 months now, and he's around 6 months old. Recently I went on a trip overseas with my family for about 3 weeks, so I had left Channy with my friend, who also owns a rabbit. My friend's rabbit is female so in order to prevent any *cough* accidents, I had my bun neutered as per the vet's advice about 1 month ago. When I returned from my trip, I found that his previously inquisitive and playful nature diminished. Now he's not very active and grunts a lot, which I've never seen him do before I left for my trip.

Unfortunately my friend did not let Channy out to play often, as she keeps her bunny in a large cage whereas I trained my bun to be a free roaming boy so he did not require a large cage...he was in a small-ish cage for 3 weeks with little time to play outside.

I also have a feeling that the two buns may have bonded and I'm afraid that his personality change is a result of being separated from my friend's bunny.

Is there a reason why his personality has changed like this? After neutering he was still very playful, so I think it's because of the 3 weeks of inactivity. Is there any way to bring back my bunny's playful personality? please help :(((


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Nov 9, 2018
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Central Coast CA
What prompted your bunnys playful nature before? Our bunnies love to toss around plastic baby keys and balls and snuggle stuffed animals and chew on timothy hay mats and willow balls. It may be that your bunny is missing the other bunny. Would ask your friend whether the two bunnies spent a lot of time together and might have bonded.

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