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  1. K

    How should I feed?

    Hi, I am getting ready to own a rabbit and have a question. I was wondering if the feeding guidelines (link to feed and pictures included) are for if you are feeding vegetables too because I am. I had plans to do 2 tbsp(1/8 cup)of pellets in the morning and 2 cups of vegetables at night (rabbit...
  2. C

    Behaviour Changes

    Somebody please tell me what's happened to my boy :( I've had my bun (Channy) for about 4 months now, and he's around 6 months old. Recently I went on a trip overseas with my family for about 3 weeks, so I had left Channy with my friend, who also owns a rabbit. My friend's rabbit is female so...
  3. Teddy101

    HELP!!the case of the poopy butt!

    Hello guys, Im a new rabbit owner and i just gotten sweet little teddy a week ago. We been doing so good together.I just have one problem.My rabbit has poopy butt. I dont know what to do. I read online and they said soak them in a sink then try to take it off gentaly. But how can i do that if he...